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EP116 | Keep The Ego. Keep It Small. (Guest Norman Buckley)
Our Associate Producer, Liam, remembers growing up and binge watching one of my favorite shows: Gossip Girl. A little later, he switched to watching another classic: Pretty Little Liars. Now, he and his roommates are obsessed with Dynasty. Click Here to Listen
the Estrogen Express
Hollywood Director Norman Buckley & His Mom Betty Bob Buckley
Join my conversation with award winning Hollywood director and editor Norman Buckley, along with his amazing mom Betty Bob Buckley as we talk about their careers, life, loves, his famous sister Betty Lynn and the adventures this close knit family have experienced throughout the years. Norman’s latest project Sweet Magnolias, was one of Netflix’s top streaming series of 2020. Click Here to Listen
In this episode, David is joined by Norman Buckley, William Remmers and Adam Spieckermann to discuss Two English Girls, directed by Francois Truffaut.
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Criterion Reflections is David Blakeslee’s ongoing project to watch all of the films included in the Criterion Collection in chronological order of their original release.
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DEAD Talks
Widowed Twice
Norman Buckley, a TV director on Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, The OC and many more, dives into his story of how he's lost two partners over the last few decades and how he's overcome these deaths.
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Netflix's "Sweet Magnolias"
Talks at Google
We welcome cast and creatives of Netflix’s new series SWEET MAGNOLIAS, a show about lifelong friends who juggle relationships, family and careers in the small, Southern town of Serenity. We hear from Tony Award winner Heather Headley, Chris Klein, Dion Johnstone, Norman Buckley (Director) & Sheryl J. Anderson (creator & writer).
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Filmmaking with Friends Podcast
Ryan Little | Episode 66
In this episode Ryan talks with Filmmaker NORMAN BUCKLEY ( Sweet Magnolias, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, The O.C ) about his journey from full-time Editor to become a successful Television Director. Norm shares so many great tips and tricks for up and coming directors that you’ll need a notebook to keep track of it all!
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The Lone Star Plate Podcast
Patrick Scott Armstrong | Episode 47
My amazing guest today is Norman Buckley, the director whose latest show Sweet Magnolias is currently streaming on Netflix. In his career as a director and editor, Norman worked on some shows which have become phenomena in their own right, like Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, The O.C., and Chuck.
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What’s My Frame Podcast
Laura Linda Bradley
Today on WHAT'S MY FRAME I'm chatting with Director Norman Buckley; Norman's career includes PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, CHARMED, QUANTICO, CHUCK, GOSSIP GIRL, AND THE OC just to name a few! He is co-executive producer/ producing director on the upcoming Netflix series SWEET MAGNOLIAS.
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Deep Dive Broadway Podcast
DAN PAULSON | Episode 47
I can’t imagine a more perfect show for the world we’re living in right now. The new Netflix TV Series, SWEET MAGNOLIAS, is all about renewal, joy, love and perseverance. Based on the novels by Sherryl Woods, the show about three women who lift each other up as they juggle relationships, family and careers in the small, Southern town of Serenity. SWEET MAGNOLIAS is jam-packed with theatre talent including Heather Headley, Brooke Elliott and JoAnna Garcia Swisher.
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Sweet Magnolias AfterBuzz Official Pre-show
AfterBuzz TV |
The new Netflix series Sweet Magnolias showrunner, Sheryl Anderson and director and co-executive producer Norman Buckley give us all the Serenity for this inspired show!
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Sweet Magnolias AfterBuzz Reunion Show
AfterBuzz TV
t was an afternoon in Serenity with the Season 1 cast reunion for Netflix’s #1 series, Sweet Magnolias! Joining us from all around the United States (including a parking lot where Jamie Lynn Spears attended her daughter’s championship game!) and Canada. The cast hadn’t seen one another in months, and while talking about the success of season 1 was on everyone’s minds it was clear how much they missed one another, and were overjoyed to see everyone.
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Speaking Of Jung Podcast
Laura London | Episode 47
First up was television director Norman Buckley in Hollywood, California. We discussed how he became interested in Jung, how he found the right analyst, the importance of the analytic relationship, and the death of both his spouse and his analyst. Norman shared his dreams about me and how listening to this podcast has affected his life.
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I Survivor Podcast
Norman Buckley is a director known for his work on Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl, but what you may not know is that he’s survived the untimely and tragic deaths of two of his partners. He shares the story of them and how he found a way out of what could have been a hellacious grief spiral. Then we talk to grief expert David Kessler. It’s a heavy episode, friends, so hug your lovers tightly.
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The Perfectionists AfterBuzz TV
Tyra Prude, Chae’ Jones abd Alice Ford | Episode 9
We felt like the world was ending as the last episode of Pretty Little Liars ended. What were we to do?!?! Luckily we get this amazing spin off “The Perfectionists” Where we explore the high stakes new town of Beacon Heights, where excellence is a REQUIREMENT! Murders, Sex, Money, and more; we're talking about it all on THE PERFECTIONISTS AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW! Tune in weekly for episode breakdowns, plot discussion, character ships, motivations, and thoughts, and of course ALL THE PREDICTIONS!! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date with all things The Perfectionists!!!
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Bros Watch PLL Too! Podcast
Benjamin Light and Marco Sparks
After a visit to the set, the Bros are back to talk with director Norman Buckley about working on Pretty Little Liars, editing that one montage for The O.C., sneaking Antonioni references into some upcoming episodes, and possible PLL spin-offs. Thanks to Norman for dropping by to talk shop with us, and convincing ABC Family to let us onto the backlot!
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Bros Watch PLL Too
Benjamin Light and Marco Sparks
Our farewell tour for Pretty Little Liars continues. Please join us for an interview with Director Norman Buckley as we talk the PLL finale, social media, shippers, plot vs theme, Personal Shopper, Hitchcock, and much more. Thanks to Norman for joining us, and all that he’s done to introduce new listeners to our podcast!
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Pretty Little Wine Moms Podcast
Silence your cell phones because in this episode we're breaking down Can You Hear Me Now?, season one, episode four of Pretty Little Liars. In this episode: Hanna faces some repercussions for crashing Sean's car, the girls attempt to block -A, Hanna's father returns to Rosewood, Aria's anxiety over her father's transgressions rises, Emily receives a new Chem Lab partner, the picture of Maya and Emily resurfaces, Ezra and Aria attempt to talk outside of school, Spencer gets a visit from an old friend, Emily needs some space, -A's game goes to a whole other level, and POOR ELLA! The PLWM share PLL stories and personal stories like only they can.
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The Criterion Reflections Podcast
David Blakeslee
Criterion Reflections is David Blakeslee’s ongoing project to watch all of the films included in the Criterion Collection in chronological order of their original release. Each episode of this third season of the podcast features conversations with a variety of guests offering insights on movies that originally premiered in 1971 and were destined to eventually bear the Criterion imprint. In this episode, David is joined by Jordan Essoe and Norman Buckley to discuss The Touch, directed by Ingmar Bergman.
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Chuck vs the Podcast
Mel & Liz | Episode 017
You’ll love Gray’s interview with Norman Buckley… he edited and directed The O.C., won an Eddy award for editing the Chuck pilot episode, and now he directs for not only Chuck but Gossip Girl, Privileged, 90210, and more. Where (and why?) did his cat and his trip to France appear in Chuck? And what key storylines were cut from the pilot episode, that might have made it a different show?
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