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Norman Buckley is a television director, best known for his work on PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, RIZZOLI AND ISLES, THE FOSTERS, THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA, CHASING LIFE, SWITCHED AT BIRTH, THE OC, CHUCK, and GOSSIP GIRL, among others. He grew up in Fort Worth, Texas and studied history at the University of Texas at Arlington, before moving to Los Angeles where he would later graduate from the University of Southern California with a degree in Cinema/Television. He intended to focus on writing in film school, but rapidly discovered he had a natural aptitude for film editing.

Buckley’s first job in the film industry was as assistant editor on the 1983 Oscar-nominated film TENDER MERCIES, which featured his sister, actress Betty Buckley. She helped him land the job after hearing that the film’s editor was seeking a local assistant while on location in Waxahachie, Texas. The editor was pleased with Buckley’s work and took him to New York to begin his career. Work as an assistant editor followed on the Oscar-nominated features SILKWOOD and PLACES IN THE HEART, both of which were shot in Texas and posted in New York.

Buckley continued editing for a number of year on many films, television series, and TV movies. He apprenticed under some of the best film editors in the business, including Carol Littleton, Sam O'Steen, William Anderson, and Bob Leighton. He also worked with many outstanding directors, including Bruce Beresford, Robert Benton, Mike Nichols, Rob Reiner, Michael Lindsay-Hogg, Richard Donner, J.S. Cardone, McG, Doug Liman, and Robert M. Young. He worked as an editor on many independent films at the Sundance, Toronto, and Telluride film festivals, including HAPPY, TEXAS, which he also associate-produced. Beginning in 2000, Buckley edited several television pilots, all of which were picked up to series. He has been nominated twice for an American Cinema Editors award: in 2003 for JOE AND MAX, for best-edited motion picture for non-commercial television, and in 2008 for the pilot of CHUCK, for best-edited one-hour series for commercial television. He won the latter award at the ACE banquet on February 17, 2008.

After editing the pilot episode of THE OC in 2003, he began his directing career by helming six episodes of that series. He has gone on to direct over 25 other television shows since then.

His episode of THE OC “The Metamorphosis” was chosen by Entertainment Weekly magazine as one of the five best episodes of the series. His episode of GOSSIP GIRL “The Handmaiden’s Tale” was chosen by Newsweek Magazine as one of the top ten television episodes of 2007. His television movie THE PREGNANCY PROJECT won Best Primetime Program (Special or Movie of the Week) and Best Actress (Alexa Vega) at the 2012 Imagen Awards.

Buckley taught for several quarters at the University of California Los Angeles film school to both graduates and undergraduates.

Norman Buckley was married to the late artist Davyd Whaley (


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